Words of wisdom or ‘WOW’ as I like to call them, are a collection of my favourite quotes that I have collected over the years. You can call me a quodophile(someone who loves to collect quotes) but for me it has just been a hobby and one of the primary factors that helped change my mindset about knowledge, education and wisdom. You can say that it transformed me from an average Tom to Tommy 2.0 who prides himself on intellectual conversations, debates and academia. My favorit quote so far is…


What this quote taught me was that in order to be successful you need to surround yourself with other successful people. I see life as a journey, and you won’t get far carrying dead weight. Sometimes you outgrow old friends depending on how fast you progress in life compared to them. I feel like I have no time to waste, so I constantly network in my everyday life to meet new people who can open new doors for me. Networking is not only a skill, but a lifestyle and I hope that everyday I find someone who can teach me something new so I continue to grow. At the same time I am big on self-education so I don’t rely on others too much in that sense but I’m always open to new opportunities.

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