Short interview with me interviewing myself. It so bad it’s good, and like always the ending is the best. Wait for it. I still laugh every time I watch it!

I am a man of many talents, and I either work hard or work smart to acquire them.

I live by many titles:

  • Ambitionist & Hustler
  • Marketing Specialist (Analysis)
  • Brand Manager & Product Developer
  • Entrepreneur (on several accounts)
  • Influencer (Instagram)
  • Illustrator, Artist & Graphic Designer
  • Digital Nomad
  • Editor-In-Chief, Content Creator
  • Photographer
  • Producer, DJ & Lyricist
  • Economist & Academic
  • Maven
  • Culturally & Emotionally Intelligent
  • Philosopher & Wise Guy

Tommy Black Profilbild

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